Card counting – in accordance with the rules!

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Most people think that playing the game every day, making millions of blackjack dreams. Allows you to buy the book, until you think you have it down to a cold and your new found information online practical knowledge for months. You can count down a deck of cards in 15 seconds. You know the ins and outs of basic strategy. Capital management, ah, this is the easy part. A friend has handled thousands of hands to you. You talk while counting, playing loud music, all the books tell you to do so. The whole process took seven months long, but it is worth it, because the time has come to bring it to the casino. There’s nothing you can become a professional card counter, so that the dream of millions of dollars to stop you. You no longer have to work. So you pack up your bags, hop on a plane to Las Vegas or the local Atlantic City casinos or any 29 states, and now the law.

Do you have a good size of funds, the basic strategy is automatic, card counting, you can pretty much do what you sleep. Now is the time to go to the casino. You walk around for about an hour, and get the feeling back room.

You are not procrastinate, you’re doing what you should do. You will find that looks good table, sit down. Do you know your money should be, that’s what you put in your pocket.

Now is the time to rock and roll. You play about six hours to let you know, but some errors do not get any heat from the pit.

You lose. Not much, but you lose. You have not made any mistakes? You bet you do! You broke the first two rules of card counting.

What you should do is to play two or three phases of minimum bets until you are satisfied with the casino to play. You broke the second rule in play for 6 hours. Even experienced the advantages of playing no more than four -hour meeting.

The reason these two rules, # 1 you should submit your entire money and # 2 are completely comfortable before betting and casino atmosphere, the longer you play the more tired you get and the more errors you would do. So keep your conversation short. The next day, you go back and lose.

This goes for the entire time you are there. Five days of hell.

What are you thinking bad thoughts all the way home. You go home and announced to your friends, card counting does not work, you’re quitting.

You lose confidence in the system. Even if you know how it works you can not believe that you can lose, so this is not going to work.

The fact is that a couple of your meeting, you will not lose so much money to play less. However, the biggest problem is that you play too long. Once you hit two hours instead of six hours, you will win the 4th ( guess ).

You have to follow the rules, your money and your self is still witty, you’re ready to continue your career counting works and you know that counts is the right play. The last word. Want to lose the session.

By all the rules, not just your favorite player. Smarter than you or I set the rules and they work!