Never gave up consecutive victories.

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There are only a couple of ” Never ” as applied to the casino table games. One is never reach in your pocket than your original bet to buy, another is never gave up consecutive victories. Streak could come at any time, and the duration of any. You just do not know, so you have to play it until it ends. Maybe it will just be a run on a specific table, maybe it will be a full concert, maybe this will be the weekend, but until you start losing, playing! Let me share with you a story of my winning steak. It lasted all day, this is the greatest day I have ever bet in my life. This is not the most profitable, I have won, but it was the greatest winning streak in me forever. Just set the story line, we flew on a Friday night planning to stay in Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon, my money is $ 1,500, to buy my desk is $ 100.

We got up Sunday morning and after breakfast, check out of the hotel, left our bags with the foreman, and plans to go to the airport for our afternoon flight home before playing a few tables. We live in the Golden Nugget downtown, decided to walk to Union Square hotel and give it a try.


. this is where the streak started.

. I hit about 3,500 gaming tables, there is a ” grand ” Run. We went back to the streets around the gold and $ 900, a new gaming tables, and then go across the street and another $ 150 Horseshoe hit a blackjack table.

We call it ” bread crumbs.” Streak lasted all day, and everything above $ 100 bills waiting for my wife’s purse to go.

We used the ” bread crumbs ” to eat our meals, and we have to pay any fees that day. I think we stopped four times the shrimp cocktail. Obviously, we changed our return flight, and check back to the hotel overnight.

Game winning streak ended. When we got to the room, my wife emptied her purse, and in the ” bread crumbs ” There are more than 900 U.S.


.. and I have a $ 100 bill in the thousands.

I’ll quit before winning streak come to an end, and will never know what I missed. However, because I ride it to the end I MAXIMIZED my bonus, and one of the best days ever gamble. Under Like life itself, you have to have a game plan and be prepared to take any case, you may find yourself in.

Know your way.